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Summit StairLifts

6 Reasons To Choose a Summit Stairlift

1. Peace of Mind
The Summit Stairway lift was designed by a four-man team to make sure nothing was missed.

Footrest safety sensors stop the lift in either direction should it strike anything on the stairs. The seat is equipped with a seat belt and a safety switch that prevents the unit from running unless the seat is in its proper position. The aircraft cable has mechanical and electrical safeties to stop the lift in place and shut down the power if the cable is not at its proper tension. Limit switches shut the unit off in the same place at the top and bottom of the stairs automatically. This is our way of offering you and your family members peace of mind regarding your safety.

2. Comfort
The Summit Stairway lift has a wide, thick, padded seat available in vinyl or rich, leather upholstery that folds up when not in use. The large rocker switch on the arm of your choice and a 180-degree swivel seat make using the lift simple.

A magazine rack was added to make sure every consideration was given to meeting your needs. The fold-up footrest adjusts to two different levels to suit your needs, and the backrest has three different positions to make sure you are as comfortable as when you are sitting in your favorite chair. Every facet of the lift was designed to enable you to relax and enjoy using your Summit Stairway Lift.

3. Reliability
Each part of the Summit stairway lift has been designed to make sure you can depend on your lift when you need it most.

Little things have been added such as a power indicator light on the track assuring you that unit is ready to use. The aircraft cable in the drive system is rated 4,200 lbs. breaking strength. A spare fuse is under the 115-volt plug so you can replace it yourself if necessary. The motor and gear have been tested in excess of 30,000 cycles – 16 years of use – and neither showed excessive wear.

  4. Flexibility
The Summit Stairway lift can be placed on either side of a staircase, and the unit control can be placed in either arm.

By adding or cutting the track, you can modify the length of the unit should you ever need to relocate. Standard call controls are mounted on the floor at each end of the staircase and can be foot operated or can be placed on the wall and operated by hand. Either location allows you to call the lift to you regardless of where the lift is on the track. This flexibility enhances the resale of the lift – and yes, the warranty is transferable should you decide to resell your lift!
5. Maintenance-Free
As strange as this may sound for a mechanical device, there simply isn’t any maintenance for the Summit stairway lift. No grease, no oil, no powders, no lubricants, no parts designed to need upgrading, no battery replacements, no maintenance of any kind.

Unlike most lifts that have gearboxes with vent plugs, the gearbox on the Summit Lift is completely sealed, preventing the possibility of oil leaking onto your carpet. Virtually all other lifts also use gear racks and pinion gears (rack and pinion) to drive the lift. These must be lubricated with dust-collecting grease to prevent damage from occurring. Summit Lifts believes dust collecting greases belong in your garage - not in your home.

6. Security
Why use eight rollers when four will work? Why make the parts ourselves when purchasing them overseas is cheaper? Why use an aircraft cable strong enough to tow a car?

Why test each lift before it is shipped? Why use UL and CSA listed components on all electrical components? Why hand-assemble each piece? Why used standard off-the-shelf parts allowing you to service the lift yourself once the warranty is up?

Because Summit Lifts refuses to have the quality of their lift surpassed by anyone.

That’s why.


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